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How Do I Find Summer Experiences Related to the Medical Profession?

February 15, 2019

Dear Doctors,

My daughter is  14 and has always had the dream to become a doctor. Now she is preparing to go to high school, what is the best way for her to start her foundation.  Also, are there any summer programs that she can get onto for an experience into her career.

– Future Doctor Mom

Dear Future Doctor Mom,

Congrats to your daughter! OB is a great specialty. As a high school student, the best thing she can do is focus on her studies and absorb as much science as she can! The foundation of knowledge she gains in high school will be helpful in propelling her through college and eventually med school. But actually, even more important than the actually science knowledge, is her learning HOW she learns. Now is the time to master study and organization skills. A lot of us hit a wall in college or even med school, when the information comes at you faster and the stakes are higher because we never properly learned how best we learn and retain material and/or other study skills. I wish I had known this in high school!

Are you located near any universities/colleges? I would check locally first to see if they offer any immersive summer programs for high school students. Here’s another resource I like for national options:

Best of luck to your daughter!!

– Dr. Brandi

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