Dear Doctors,

I am an African-American female who has a very low GPA. Is medical school out of the question? I tried to apply to post-bacc programs, but didn’t get into any. I don’t know what to do and I am losing hope.

– Discouraged

Dear Discouraged,

Don’t count yourself out of the running! Keep applying to post-bacc programs and try a new avenue to get to medical school. Maybe look into medical assistant certification. From what I’ve seen, these programs can be 1.5-2yrs. Once you’re finished you can apply for a job at an urgent care clinic which can help. This will put you in the clinic, getting the exposure you need, and it will give you the opportunity to work with along side physician and NPs, who can be potential recommenders when you do apply.

Don’t give up!

– Dr. Brandi

Dr. Brandi Jackson

Brandi Jackson, MD is a practicing Psychiatrist and Clinical Professor in Chicago. She co-founded Med Like Me with her twin sister, Dr. Brittani. Read their inspiring comeback story From Self-Doubt to MD. Feel free to send Dr. Brandi a message anytime.Here

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