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Can I Become a Doctor if I’m Not Good at Science?

April 6, 2019

Dear Doctors,

I’m currently in high school. I have a HUGE aspiration to become an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. I’m scared that I’m not good enough at science to become one. Any advice?

– OB/Gyn Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,

Its great that you have an aspiration/goal to pursue Ob/Gyn!  Anything is possible when you have the grit and determination to follow your dream. I don’t know what grade you are in but I would start looking into university programs that have a strong pre-med program.  People may say that going to a big name school will determine where you get in for medical school but all pre-med curriculum is the same so really its making sure that your Science GPA and Cumulative GPA is competitive.

Also reach out to an Ob/Gyn and see if they can become your mentor.  Since I don’t know your gender too, maybe ask your mom if she can put you in contact with her Ob/Gyn.  Keep in mind that Ob/Gyns have a very dynamic work schedule since they’re almost always on call for deliveries so if you do reach out, don’t expect an immediate response.  However, it doesn’t hurt to reach out and ask.

I hope this helps. Take your big goal and break it down into smaller, obtainable ones. The road of medicine is long but you can do it.

All the best on your journey!

Dr. Brandi

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