The AAMC is an organization you will get to know intimately as you apply to medical school. Consider them the “big bosses” of medical school admissions.

Founded in 1876 and based in Washington, D.C. the AAMC (colloquially known as the “double A” MC) or the Association of American Medical Colleges is a non-profit association which basically oversees just about all U.S. medical schools and associated teaching hospitals. All 154 accredited U.S medical schools are members of the AAMC. The AAMC administers the MCAT, runs AMCAS (the American Medical College Application Service you will be applying through) and ERAS (the Electronic Residency Application Service, through which you will one day apply to a residency position during your last year of medical school). Again, you will hear their name a lot, so it’s good to know who exactly they are!

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